Monday, April 27, 2009 80% off gift cerificates!

If you have never heard of you are totally missing out! This site works with many local restaurants as a way to advertise. Once you go to you can search by zip code and see a list of participating restaurants in your area, you will also see a selection of gift certificate prices ranging from $10 to $100. A $25 gift card is regularly priced at $10 (so 80% off means you'll pay only $2) The only catch is that there is a minimum purchase amount: clearly listed under the gift card prices. Usually it is a $35.00 minimum purchase and they also add in an automatic 18% gratuity. (read the small print before you buy)

Last Saturday we took our family of 5 out to Donnie Macs on Friday night and only paid about $13.00 out of pocket including tip (our bill only came to $32, but our waiter said it was fine) and I paid $3.00 for the certificate. So total of about $16.00 for a great night at a fun restaurant with good food for our family, what a deal!!!
For a limited time only ( through April 30) all certificates are 80% off when you use the promo code LUCKY at checkout. So for a $25.oo "card" you will pay $2.00 or for a $100.00 you will pay only $8.00! I am going to go stock up!

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  1. These are GREAT!!!!
    I LOVE Ono Hawaiian Cafe!!!
    I was VERY disappointed with Da Vinci's in Eagle. Good thing we didn't pay anywhere near full price to find that out.