Thursday, April 23, 2009

Albertsons sale for April 22-28

If you want to make your shopping trip as short and easy as possible then you need to plan! Last night I sat down with my shrinkable, printable shopping list from PYP and made my plan. I decided what I wanted to buy and how many and marked it on the list, then I found all of the corresponding coupons and catalinas and I was ready to go!

This morning I went to the store and was home in less then 30 mins! I spent $23.52, got 2 movie tickets and earned $.20 off per gallon! I love Albertsons!

Last night I did the ConAgra promo: Spend $25 on participating products below, get a checkout voucher worth $10 off your NEXT shopping order so I used that today and did :

First I did the Kellogg's Movie Ticket promo: Purchase any 10 participating items, get a checkout voucher good for 2 FREE movie tickets it was a little frustrating that I did not have any coupons :~(

1-Eggo Waffle Syrup at $2.50

4- Yogos at $2.00 each- be sure to check the box & get the ones that may have gift cards in them!

4- Rice Krispie treats at $2.00 each

1- box of Fruit Loops at $2.50

then I did the Kraft/General Mills promo: Save $4 instantly when you spend $10 on participating products. I did 2 groups but did it in 1 transaction.

-6- boxes of Bagelfuls at $2.50 each (my hubby & I love these for breakfast!)

used 6 $1.00 off printable coupon from here (use multiple computers to print more then 2)

Total after coupons & Discount $3.00 or $0.50 each

-1 Bisquick pancake mix at $2.50

used 1 $0.75 off coupon from the internet (I can't find where I got it) or you could use

Bisquick Original or Heart Smart Baking Mix, 40 oz. or larger .60/1 (5-30-09) SS-4/5

My Total after coupon & discount- $0.75

Then I did the I used the Coke promo: Buy 3, save $1 instantly.Buy 6, save $2 instantly.Buy 9, save $3 instantly and got

3- 2 liters (for my House Party that is this weekend) at $1.20 each

Total after discount- $2.60 or $0.87 each

1- easter sprinkles on clearance for $0.39

1- gallon milk at $2.00

Total out of pocket after discounts, coupons & $10 catalina: $23.52 plus I got 2 free movie tickets! ( that is worth up to $24.oo all by itself!!)

Total Saved- $57.84

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