Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hey! Smart Shoppers and Travelers!

If you are planning a trip to who knows where, especially a family vacation where spending smartly creates a more pleasant time for all, might I suggest clicking on the "Entertainment" or "Happenings" coupon book in the side bar of this site (if you don't see the coupon, click the scroll button near the bottom of the sidebar until you see the white "entertainment" book!)

The amazing coupon book contains literally HUNDREDS of coupons and is localized to nearly every area of the country. They contain INCREDIBLE 2 for 1 deals on hotels, meals, fun-to-do's and more. Books are currently only $15 (regularly $25-$45) and that smart investment can be made up almost entirely with your first 2-for-1 meal out! Plus there is free shipping! The coupons found inside are currently valid for the next 9 months with new books coming out next fall for 2010! PLUS if you order now, you can qualify for discounts on next years books with coupons valid for a full 15 months! AMAZING!

Get one for the area in which you live to provide opportunities for smart date nights to that restaurant you've always wanted to go to, or for a well-deserved activity with the kids to a museum or zoo! These Books are a treasure trove of value and are currently only $15! This may be the best $15 you can spend today! Just click on the coupon bar on the right side of this webpage!

Happy Travels!

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