Sunday, April 5, 2009

New store in Boise! Boise Bargain Basket

On Saturday I was looking at the new Valpak that I got in the mail and I saw an ad for a new store in Boise located on Broadway, its called Boise Bargain Basket. (I would expect that it is similar to Grocery Outlet) Then today I was reading on a friends blog and she wrote about going in and finding a few good deals

  • Oatmeal to go bars for $0.50 per box (they are out dated)
  • Swedish Fish and Sour Patch kids at $1.68 for 60 ounces!

I have not been there yet, but plan on going this week since I will be down there anyway doing my merchandising job. If you go to check it out don't forget to take the coupons from the Valpak mailer. They are $5.00 off purchase of $25.00 or more and $1.00 off any 16 oz drink from the coffee bar.

UPDATE!! I went to this store today and I personally was not really all that impressed. They did have some quaker mini delights and oatmeal to go for $0.50 each and they had some out of date cereal for $0.89 and up, but other then that not much better then regular stores or Grocery Outlet. If you are in the area you could stop by to see what they have, but I would not make any extra trips just to go!

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