Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come join the Coupon Train!!!

Lets start a coupon train!!

I have been going through my coupons and have soooo many that I don't want or need so I thought I would start a coupon train for the followers of Hooked on Savings! Let me explain! In a coupon train you take a bunch of coupons ( like 40 or so ) and put them in an envelope and mail them to another person, that person takes what they need and replaces them with ones that they don't need and mails it to the next person! Along the way people take out any expired coupons. If you are interested in getting on the coupon train here is what you need to do!
  • Sign up as a "follower" of Hooked on Savings by going to the "followers" section on the right of the page. This will just make tracking new posts on the blog easier!
  • Then email me at hookedonsavingsblog@gmail.com and give me your name, address and email address
  • Also let me know what kind of coupons you are looking for ( food, cleaning, personal hygiene, etc) so I can be sure to add coupons of interest in the train.

I will mail the train out on April 15 (tax day!) Here are a few important things you will need to agree to in order to participate!

  • You are responsible for postage when it is your turn to mail it to the next person.
  • We would like to keep the coupon count the same so if you take 5 please replace 5!
  • We don't want anyone to get expired coupons so please go through them & take out any expired coupons and replace them if you can with ones you don't need!
  • In order to keep expired coupons at a minimum please make sure you only keep the envelope for 2 days! So if you get them on a Friday, try to have them mailed out on Monday!
  • Please don't use the addresses for any other purchase!

So get signed up now and tell your friends! The order in which I receive requests will be the order I use on the mailing list, so first come first serve! If I get a lot of interest I may do multiple trains so remember to let me know what you are looking for!


  1. YES... I am first!! Sign me up! I just sent you an email.

  2. um... is this the line for the train? do I need a ticket? I hope so... uh, wait, I don't have one... um... is this the line for the train? I hope so...

  3. chew chew! i am in line! take me to your leader! sign me up for this trip.