Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albertsons Preview for April 1- 7

You can check out the Albertsons ad for the week of April 1 - 7 here. Thanks to pinching your pennies for the list! I personally did not see anything I really needed this week but you may!
  • Remember that the Post cereal sale goes on all week. Go here to read about it, thanks to Fabulessly frugal!
  • Today is the last day for the Kraft Promo! Go here, here, or here to read about it.
  • Today is also the last day for the Suave promo. Go here to read about it! Thanks to A Thrift Mom!
So I know that Mondays are supposed to be Family night, but for our family we do it on Tuesdays! Why? There are lots of fun family deals around town on Tuesdays! I thought I would list just a few that we like to use!
  • McDonald's- Kids night! Every Tuesday McDonald's has kids night from 5-7 pm. During this time you can buy happy meals for 1/2 price! There is a limit of 4 but we only have 3 kids and then I usually get one too and send the extra toy to school for the prize box! My kids love it! Sometimes we will go in to the play area, but I am feel like it is a germ zone, so if the weather is nice we like to go to a park! We have even brought them home and had a picnic at home.
  • Sonic -This is great one for grown ups! Sonic has "happy hour" on Tuesday after 5:00pm all hamburgers are 1/2 off. so go ahead and treat yourself! We have even gotten the kids Mcd's and then gone to Sonic for our own dinner!
  • Pizza Hut- Every Tuesday night Pizza Hut has a themed family night where they will do a fun activity and for every Large pizza you buy you can get 2 one topping personal pan pizzas for the kids! Last time we went we actually got one of the pastas instead of pizza and they still gave us the free personal pizzas.
  • Overland Park Theaters- (in Boise) This theater has special meaning to me and my hubby....this is where we met! They specialize in family movies at an affordable price. Their prices are great any day but on Tuesdays admission is only $1 and many of the concession items are $1 as well. My kids get so excited when they know we are going to OPC because they get to pick their own treats! (we hardly ever take them to a first run theater let alone buy anything if we go) To check out the OPC show times look here.
  • Baskin Robbins- At Baskin Robbins from 6:00 - 10:00 pm you can get a single scoop of your favorite 31 flavor for only $1! Now that is a sweet deal!

These are just a few of the great deals we like to use on Tuesdays! We can have dinner, movie and ice cream afterwards for very little money! I know that times are tough for a lot of people but sometimes it is good to just have a fun night! There are lots of other restaurants that have kids night so don't be afraid to ask...you may just save some money

Monday, March 30, 2009

Walgreens Deals for 3/29 to 4/4

Paid $16.39
This was a very frustrating day at Walgreens!! My first trip was fine but my 2nd store was all messed up! The register would not print out my RR so then we voided it and tried doing it in very small transactions and then I still did not get my RR for more Soft Soap or the Chapstick. I did not notice because my 3 yr old was running out the door! Ahhh! That is why I do not like taking my kids shopping when I am couponing! There is too much to pay attention to! ....but what are you going to do! It was so confusing and messed up I can't tell you what I did but I will tell you the different deals. you just have to put them in different transactions so that you are not using the same RR as the product you got it from. Just mix it around so that it works for you!
  • 1- Edge Shaving cream (or you could get Skintimate shave gel) at 2.99, it will print off a $2.00 RR!
  • 2 Mentos gum at 2 for $2 using 2 Mentos Gum, any flavor $1/1 (4-30-09) SS-3/1 get them FREE!
  • 2 boxes of life Cereal using this $1/1 printable coupon get $3.00 RR! or you can print it from the coupon bar on the right of the screen!
  • Buy Chapstick 100% Natural or True Shimmer $1.99Pay $1.99 + taxGet back a $2RR!
  • Buy Listerine Mouth wash at 2 for $11.00 use 2 Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, any 500 mL or larger $2/1 (4-25-09) RP-2/8 Pay $7.00 & Get $5.50 RR!
  • Purchase Softsoap Body Wash for $3.99 get a Coupon for a FREE Softsoap Bodywash you could use this deal with the $0.75/1 from yesterdays paper (3/29) and then just roll it into another body wash!

Those were the deals I was trying to work in with the Easter pencils that are 5/$1.00 in this weeks ad (great for easter baskets) I hope you have better luck when you try it. I was at the Walgreens at 5mile & Overland when they were having problems (other people were having similar problems) If you do take advantage of these deals (the soft soap & chapstick) please be considerate of others and DO NOT HOARD! (someone had already cleared out the 5mile & Ustick store by 10:30 this morning!)

6 boxes of cereal for $0.99!!

I got all of this for $0.99 plus $5.00 catalina!!
I went to Albertsons this morning to get my cereal and since I don't need tons of this cereal I only got 6, but you could use the same tips to get way more for very little out of pocket! (especially if you have access to multiple computers!) Here is what I did:
-6 boxes of Post cereal at $1.57 per box when you buy 2
  • I used 2- $2/1 printable coupon from here
  • then I used 2 Post Selects Cereals, any $1/2 (4-12-09) SS-3/1 or you could use the ones that cane in yesterdays (3/29) paper
  • Then I used my $3.00 catalina from the Taco Bell promo

Final Cost $0.99 plus I got a $5.00 off my next purchase catalina

Total saved- $ 27.72! Plus then I went & filled my car up with the $0.15 per gallon discount!

If I needed more I would either print out more coupons or even buy more Sunday papers to get more coupons...even with the added cost of the papers its a good deal!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post Cereal as low as $0.17 at Albertsons!!

Albertsons is going to be having a really really good sale on Post cereals that starts tomorrow and runs for 10 days. These are not the kiddie cereals..these are honest to goodness, good for you cereals!! There was a really good post on Fabulessly Frugal that you all need to read. So go check out the post here and go find your coupons!

Kmart shopping trip

So my sweet inlaws took my kids to the zoo today so I thought I would go to Kmart one last time! They still had very little but I was able to pick up a few more things for not very much $$! I spent $4.06 for all of it!
2- boxes of Post Trail mIx cereal at $3.99 each ( I actually had 3 boxes & coupons but I was telling a lady about it & decided to give it to her. When I checked out I got an info catalina that says there is a deal going from 3/27 to 4/19 when you buy 3 get $2.00, Buy 4 get $3.00, or Buy 5 get $5.00 off your next purchase.....I could have got a $2.00 catalina!!! But i am glad I was able to help that lady get some cereal she liked for free! I love to help people out!!!)
used this printable coupon for $2.oo off!
Final Cost - FREE for 2!

2- packs of Ziplock containers at $2.50 each
used Ziploc Containers, any $1.50/2 (5-9-09) SS-3/15
Final Price $2.50 for 2!

1- Scotch Brite Scrubber at $1.99
used Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Absorbent Scrub Sponge .50/1 (4-15-09) RP-3/8
Final Price $0.99

Total Spent $4.06 Total Saved $13.06! Not bad! We will have to see if they do doubles again next month!!

Albertson for week 3/25 - 3/31

Did you think I was joking about going back to Albertsons?? I wasn't! My hubby & I agreed that since the catalina would print on the refried beans that we should go along and get more since they are good for food storage!So I went back and did 2 transactions again. I thought I would go back to the clearance area and I hit the jack pot! I got everything in the picture for $14.94 plus I still have another $3.00 Catalina for my next shopping trip! Here is what I did!
First transaction-
4- cans of Taco Bell Refried Beans at $1.00 each
Total after discount $0.70 each

1- pack of Taco Bell Seasoning mix at $1.00
Total after Discount $0.70

3- boxes of Crystal Light to go on clearance for $0.99 each (I thought there would be a catalina but it must have ended!)

2- pouches of Kraft Shredded Cheese at $2.50 each
Used $1.00 off 2 that i found at the Cole store
Final Price after coupon & discount $ 2.50 or $1.25 each

Total Spent $9.57 Total saved $21.93 plus I got $3.00 catalina that I used on the next transaction.

2nd transaction-
4- cans of Taco Bell Refried Beans at $1.00 each
Total after discount $0.70 each

2- boxes of Capri Sun at $2.00 each
Total after discount $1.40 each

2- Taco Bell Salsa at $1.00 each
Total after discount $0.70 each

1- box Swiss Miss Cocoa on clearance for $0.99

1- pedigree dog bones on clearance at $1.79
used Pedigree Jumbone Treats for Dogs, any size $1/1 (5-16-09) RP 2/22
Total after coupon $0.79!

I used my $3.00 & $1.00 catalinas from my first transaction
Total Spent $5.37 Total Saved $20.48! Plus I still have $3.00 catalina!

Walgreens Deals for 3/29 to 4/4

Here is a sneak peak for the Walgreens sale for next week. Go here if you want to see the ad that comes out tomorrow. Thanks to Hip2save for these tips! I am excited about some of the Catalinas that are coming! Especially the Quaker cereals!

Register Rewards- Coupon that print out AFTER you pay, good to use towards your next purchase.
Cereal 2 for $5. ( Buy 2 get $2 Register Reward back)
- Quaker Life or Cap N Crunch Cereal 2 for $5
use a $1/2 from 1/4 Red Plum (exp 3/31) Or $1 printable HERE (Life)
A $2 Register Reward will print after you pay
Final Price: $.50-$1.00 each

-Quaker Chewy Granola bar 2/$5
Use $1/2 from 3/8 Red Plum or printable HERE
A $2 Register Reward will print after you pay
Final Price: $1.00 each

-Pepsi 12 pk 4 for $12
Get a $3.00 Register Rewards when you buy 4 at once
buy 2 get 1 free printable HERE (gets you a flavored diet: vanilla, wild cherry, etc)
Final Price: 4 for $6 or $1.50 each

-Listerine 2 for $11
$5.50 Register Reward when you buy two, will print after you Pay
Use $1.50 from 3/15 Smart Source
Final Price: $1.25 each

-Chapstick Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter $1.99
Get $1.99 Register Reward, will print after you Pay
Final Price: FREE

Some of the other deals are:
-Kleenex $2.19 buy 1 get 1 free (with in-store Ad coupon)
Also use $1 off 4 from 2/8 Red Plum coupon insert (exp. 3/31)
Final Price: 4/$3.38 or $.85 each

-Dawn Dishwashing Liquid $.99 (with in-store Ad coupon)
Use $.20 from 3/1 P&G coupon insert (exp 3/31)
Final Price: $.79

-Febreze Air Effects Spray 2 for $5
Use $1.00 from 2/22 Smart Source (exp. 3/31)
Final Price: $1.50 each

-Clorox Liquid Bleach 2/$3 (with in-store Ad coupon)
use FREE wipes printable HERE when you buy two Clorox products
Final Price: $3 for all three

-Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 20 sq ft $.89 (with in-store Ad coupon)
Use $1.00 from 2/8 Smart Source – this one only excludes the 25 ft
Final Price: FREE

-Bic Soleil Razors 4 pack $4.99
use $1.00 EasySaver coupon page 9
Also use $2.00 coupon from 3/15 Smart Source
Final Price: $1.99

-SoyJoy Bars 2 for $1
Use buy one get one free coupon from 2/22 Smart Source
Final Price: 2/$.50

If you want to see another breakdown of everything in the ad go to Moms by Heart's

Albertson for week 3/25 - 3/31

I finally went to Albertsons to shop the sale yesterday! I "splurged" a little because we had some friends coming over, but still did ok. I spent $15.32 and did this in 2 transactions.

My first transaction I was using the Kraft promo ( buy $10.00 and get $3.00 off instantly) and the Taco Bell catalina (Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells Purchase between 3/27/09 & 4/19/09 Buy 2 & get $1 OYNSOBuy 3 & get $2 OYNSOBuy 4 or more & get $3 OYNSO)
Here is what I did:
- 2 boxes of Ritz crackers at 2 for $5.00
Used the Nabisco Ritz, Wheat Thins or Triscuit, any varieties $2/2 (3-31-09) SS-1/25
Final Price after coupon & Discount - $1.50 or $0.75 each!

- 1 box Taco Bell Tostada diner kit at $2.50
Final Price after discount- $1.75

-2 boxes of Taco Bell taco shells at $1.00 each
Final Price after discount - $1.40 or $0.70 each

- 1 can of Taco Bell Refried Beans at $1.00 each
Final price after discount - $0.70

Total paid $5.95 Total Saved- $9.34 plus I got a $3.00 catalina!

Next transaction was the "splurge" for having friends over

-1 two liter of Coke (not pictured) at $1.69
-1 family size Fritos at $3.49
-2 cartons of Dryers Icecream at $6.49 each
Albertsons BOGO
Final Price- $6.49 for 2 or $3.25 each
- I used my $3.00 off catalina
Total Paid- $9.37 Total Saved $11.69!

So if you want to get some Taco Bell products now is a good time! Just remember to break up your transactions so they equal the $10! Then use the catalina that prints on your next transaction! (its kind of a game!) When I went shopping I thought the cataliana only worked on the dinner kits & shells but evidently it includes the beans as well! I may have to go back and just buy more beans! Hmmm....I got to go back to Albertsons!

Oh Ya!! Don't forget they also have the 2% Kraft Cheese catalina and the Suave Catalina starts Sunday! If you need a refresher on those you can read it here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

FREE NIGHTS @ Disneyland!

Extend your family's vacation with two more days and nights FREE when you purchase a three-night hotel and three-day ticket package: Stay at a Disneyland® Resort Hotel or participating Good Neighbor Hotel, and buy 3-Day Disneyland® Resort Park Hopper® Bonus Tickets to qualify! Valid for arrivals from April 1 to September 26 with travel completed by October 1. You must book by August 11.

Go to this link for details: FREE NIGHTS

Free Mimi's gift cards!

Mimi's Cafe on Harbor Blvd (across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA) is giving away $3,000 in FREE GIFT CARDS on Tuesday, March 31st. The 75 cards will vary in amount and you must be at least 18 to qualify. Line forms prior 9 AM! What are you gonna do on the 31st? I'm going to Disneyland!!!! Its my son, Baxter's, birthday and he will get in for free, as anyone can on their birthday with proper ID... Mimi's Disneyland location has the greatest breakfast plate of Buckeye Oatmeal with ALL the trimmings... see you there!

Free Kenneth Cope Conert In Caldwell ID!

I just read this post about a Kenneth Cope concert on Kazy Coupon Lady. They are afraid they wont have a good turn out so i thought i would help spread the word! I remember a few years back when he released his "Eden's Garden" album, my brother Rod was on tour with him and asked me to help promote the concert. It was a great show! He has great music! Anyway! I hope if you are in the area (or even if your not) you take advantage of this great opportunity! Here is the post!

Free Kenneth Cope Concert
Kenneth Cope is coming and performing a free concert here this Saturday night (28th) at the LDS Caldwell Stake Center on Kimball. It will be at 8 p.m. (a little later since there is a young women’s broadcast at 6 p.m.)
Since it was such a last minute thing, they are afraid people won’t show, so invite anyone you think would like to go.
I’m sure that most of you probably know some of his music. Here are a couple of web sites to hear some of it:

Kids Bowl Free! Great summer program for the kids!

I am so excited to see that this program is back! We did it last year and it is sooo great! Go here to sign your kids up for the Kids Bowl Free program at your local bowling alley ( In Boise it is the 20th Century Bowling Lanes ) With this program each child under the age of 15 can bowl 2 games per day, 7 days a week for FREE!! Last year the shoe rental was included but when I called them they were not sure if they would be included this year, if they are not the price for shoe rental is $2.00. This is still a great deal. It gets even better! You can add up to 4 adults or older siblings for the whole summer for a one time payment of $23.95! The program runs for May 1 through August 31! Bowling is a great way to spend time together while getting a little exercise and building your childs self esteem!

Great Deal @ WDW!!! as low as $58 per person per day inc. meals!!!

Take advantage of this advance purchase opportunity for Disney Rewards Visa Cardmembers only. Enjoy 5 nights/6 days at the Walt Disney World Resort with an amazing Magic Your Way Vacation Package.

Disney Dining Plan. Choose from over 100 select Disney restaurants, including Character dining, and receive one quick service meal, a select snack, and one table service meal per person, per night of your package (some restrictions apply)

Hotel Accommodations at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel plus complimentary transportation to-and-from Orlando International Airport with Disney's Magical Express service.

WDW Theme Park Tickets Enjoy admission to one Theme Park per day, each day of your ticket.


click here for more info!

Introducing our newest author...Rodney Elwood!!!

This is my older brother Rodney or Rod as I call him! I also like to call him my "travel agent" because he is so good at finding really good travel deals! If you read about my trip to Disney World (here or here ) on my old blog he really helped me a lot to make that a relatively inexpensive trip! I have asked him to do some posts on great travel deals or Disney deals (he is a huge Disney fan) or really whatever he wants to. So keep checking back for all our great posts!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Albertson for week 3/25 - 3/31

I am sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday but with the kids being home for Spring break I am all over the place! I am also not planning on shopping until friday so I can take advantage of the Taco Bell catalina deals! Go here to see the printable shopping list. Remember to look at the coupon match ups on the shopping list! Here are a few printables

  • $1/2 Frosted Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or Yogurt Burst Cheerios here

  • .75/1 Total (if these varieties included)

  • I was also at the Albertsons on Cole & Fairview again and they still have a few Kraft cheese coupons & Nabisco cracker coupons in a box at the end of the customer service desk!

There are also some great Catalinas this week, but some of them don't start until Friday or even Sunday so check the dates if you are planning on using them!

Catalina offers:

Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells Purchase between 3/27/09 & 4/19/09 (Doesn't start until Friday!)

  • Buy 2 & get $1 OYNSO

  • Buy 3 & get $2 OYNSO

  • Buy 4 or more & get $3 OYNSOS

Suave products Purchase between 3/29 - 4/15 (Doesn't start until Sunday!)

  • buy $10 worth of products get $3 OYNSO

Crystal Light (unknown ending date)

  • Buy (3) crystal light To-G boxes Get $2.00 off OYNSO

Kraft Cheese-Buy Kraft 2% Natural Chunk, Shreds and Snacking Cheese 6oz or larger. Includes 2% Natural Chunk, 2% Natural Slices, 2% Cracker Cuts, 2% Cubes, Crumbles and 2% Shredded Cheese.Ends 3/29

  • Buy 2 & get $1 OYNSO

  • Buy 3 & get $2 OYNSO

  • Buy 4 or more & get $3 OYNSO

  • Make sure to buy the 2% cheese, if you buy one that does not say 2% the catalina wont print!

Extreme Albertsons in-store coupons ( remember you can use an in-store coupon with a MFR coupon)

  • Arctic Shores cooked shrimp 51-60 ct. shrimp Limit 2

  • Ball Park meat franks 14-16 oz. Limit 2 ( also use $1 off 2 coupon from 3/15 red plum insert)

  • Pepsi and Mountain Dew 12 packs Limit 2

  • Kraft macaroni & cheese 7.25 oz. Limit 6

  • M&M's candy 9.9-14 oz. Limit 2 ( also use the $1 off 2 from the 3/1 Red Plum insert)

  • Freschetta Brickoven, Naturally Rising, or Ultra Thin pizza 11.8-29.46 oz. Limit 4 ( also use the $1 coupon from 3/1 smart source coupon insert)

Some other great deals are

  • Ground Beef $1.99 / lbs at the butcher block

  • Strawberries $1.49 a pound - sold in a 4 lb. package for $5.96 (great if you want to make my Strawberry Freezer jam!)

Store Policies

If you are wondering what all the different stores policies are on coupons you are not alone! It seems like everyone is different and sometimes even the cashiers are unaware of them! Here is a great post I found on Fabulessly Frugal that brakes them all store. Thanks to Monica for letting me borrow it! It is a good idea to click on the links and print out the policies to have as reference for you & sometimes for your cashier!


  • will take all MFR ( manufacturer coupons) and you can stack it with an Albertsons in-store
  • coupon (only until April 2nd).
  • will take printed coupons
  • take competitors coupons coupons, Like Fred Meyer, Walgreens...
  • will take Walgreens Register Rewards Catalina Coupons
  • DO NOT match competitors ads or prices
    Corporate Policy


  • will take all MFR coupons, and you can stack it with a Walgreens in-store coupon
  • will take printable Internet coupons
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store coupons
  • DOES NOT take albertsons catalinas
  • Here is a letter you can print out as reference on some policy

Rite Aid-

  • will take all MFR coupons, and you can stack it with a Rite Aid in-store coupon
  • will take printable Internet coupons
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store coupons


  • will take all MFR coupons, and you can stack it with a Shopko in-store coupon
  • will take competitors coupons coupons, Like Fred Meyer, Walgreens...
  • will price match, others ads ( as long as it states the price, no 50% off, no buy 1 get 1 free)
  • The items must be in stock at the competitors ad price. Ad must be current, and bring Ad with you.
  • will take printable Internet coupons


  • will take all MFR coupons
  • will take competitors coupons coupons, Like Fred Meyer, Walgreens...
  • will price match, others ads ( as long as it states the price, no 50% off, no buy 1 get 1 free) . Ad must be current, and bring Ad with you.
  • will take printable Internet coupons
    for an online copy click here to read , you might want to print it out and carry it with you.


  • Will take MRF coupons
  • Is now taking internet printables - use with caution.
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store couponsFred Meyer-
  • Will take MFR coupons
  • will take printable Internet coupons, as long as it says Manufacturer coupon on it
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store coupons


  • will take all MFR coupons, and you can stack it with a Target in-store coupon. As long as the total of the coupons are more than the price of the item.
  • will take printable Internet coupons, as long as it says Manufacturer coupon on it and it must scan.
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store coupons


  • will take all MFR coupons
  • will take printed coupons
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES NOT take other stores in-store coupons
  • if you sign up at Kmart.com and join their email list, they send special like double or triple coupon sales.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

$5.00 or $10.00 Off Disneys Bolt DVD or Blu-Ray!

I just found out about this printable coupon for Disneys Bolt! You can get $5.00 off of DVD or $10.00 off of a Blu-ray. They had a similar coupon for High School Musical 3 that I used. If you use it during the first week of release you should be able to get a pretty good deal!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walgreens Clearance Deals 3/24

After my great shopping trip to Kmart I decided to stop in at Walgreens to get some much needed Puffs ( 3 kids + 2 parents with colds = no kleenex in sight) and got a few other good deals along the way! Here is what I did!

3- boxes Puffs w/ lotion at $2.29 each
used the coupon from the front of weekly ad makes
Final Cost $4.77 or $1.59 each

-4 Tic Tacs on clearance for $0.25 each
Final Cost $1.00 for 4!

-4 Wrigleys Double mints on clearance for $0.25 each
Final cost $1.00 for 4!

-1 Johnson & Johnsons body lotion at $0.99
used 1 Johnson’s Body Care product, any $1/1 (5-31-09) RP-2/22
Final Cost FREE (they will have to price adjust it to cost $1.00 to use the coupon)

-1 Bic Soleil Razor on clearance for $3.59
used $2.00 off easy saver coupon on page 19
used Bic Soleil System Razor or any 4-pack or 8-pack Cartridge Refills $2/1 (4-12-09) SS-3/15
Final Cost FREE + $0.41 MONEY MAKER!

Total Out of Pocket $7.03
Total in Savings $16.42

More Kmart double shopping!

So after the kids went to bed I decided to do a late night shopping trip to Kmart. The bad news they had not yet stocked so they were still out of a lot of things...the good news I still found some great deals! Some of them are little known so you are in for a treat!Get this...I spent a whopping $2.00 for all of this and $0.62 of it was tax! Here is what I did!

-2 Gillette Shaving Gell at $2.69 each (last post I said they were 2 for $4 )
Used 2 Gillette Fusion HydraGel, HydraCool or HydraSoothe, any $1/1 (3-31-09) P&G-2/8
Final Cost $1.38 or $.69 each (This was the only items I paid for!)

-2 Rubber Maid clear boxes at $2.00 each
Used $1.00 printable coupon from here
Final Cost- FREE!

2- Rubbermaid Easy Find Premier at $1.50 each (they were marked at $2.50)
Used $1.00 off printable from here
Final Cost- FREE!

1- Rubbermaid Produce Saver at $2.00 (it was marked at $3.50)
Used $1.00 off printable from here
Final Cost- FREE!

1- box Post Trail mix Cereal at $3.99
Used $2.00 off printable coupon from here
Final Cost FREE!

Total out of Pocket $2.00
Total Savings $16.99!
It looked like they were getting ready to restock once the store was closed and I heard they will be getting another shipment on Thursday so you can still get some great deals all week but they will go fast!

I went again tonight (Wed) and all the boxes are gone, but they still have some of the bowls. Also on the upper shelf in the back where the Rubbermaid products are there are some pitchers on clearance for $3.50 and I was able to use the rubbermaid coupons on these as well!

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Printables!

Here are a few more printable coupon links! Remember to print them 2 times (go back on your browser) and use you junk email account! Get them printed and head to kmart!

Albertsons Preview for March 25 - 31

If you want to check out the upcoming Albertsons sale that starts on Wednesday March 25 check it out here. Thanks as always to Pinching Your Pennies!

Albertsons Double Shopping trip!

Total spent $ 14.55
I did this in 2 transactions and 8 double coupons from Sundays paper. The first transacion was using the Kelloggs promo. I wish I had more coupons for all the product but I cant find them! Grrr!
-4 boxes of Pop Tarts at $2.50 each
used 4 $0.55 off one from here (printed 2 times & used 2 diffent computers)
used 4 Albertsons doublers
Final price after promo & coupons $1.60 or .40 each!
The remaining items I had no coupons for so they were $1.50 each
- 2 boxes Rice Krispies
- 1 box High School Musical Cereal
- 2 boxes nutrigrain bars
- 1 box Rice Krispie Treats
Total spent $ 10.97 Total Saves $28.35
I do have to say that my cashier entered 2 of the double coupons at $1.00 each and I told her but she didnt want to go back to fix it!
The next transaction was a fun one! I used the Heinz promo ( buy $10 get $3 off)
-5 Boxes of Bagel Bites at $1.40 each
1 box at $2.00
used 3- $1.00 off 2 coupon from here (printed 2 times from 2 computers using 2 emails)
Total $3.00 or $0.50 each!
- 1 pack of Scott Bath Tissue at $2.15
used1 Scott Extra Soft bath tissue, 4-pack or larger $1/1 (3-22-09) SS1-2/8
Final Cost $0.15!
Total spent $ 3.58 Total Saved $ 13.34!

Kmart shopping trip

Total Spent - $12.92
I went to Kmart today to take advantage of their double coupon sale and unfortunatly they were out of most of the really good deals (and I went at 11:00 am!) for two reasons. One I dont think Kmart does a very good job of preparing for all of us crazy shoppers and 2 there are some fanatic couponers out there that hoard things. (I would never clear a shelf of anything) I was not able to take a lot of time because I had all 3 kids (thanks to spring break) and so this is what I got. I may try to go back later this week to see if they have restocked (last time it was on Thursday).
- 1 Secret Flawless at $4.49
used $2/1 (4-30-09) RP-2/22
Final cost $0.49
- 1 Gillett Clear Gel deoderant at $3.99
used $1/1 (5-31-09) P&G-3/15
Final cost $1.99 (not very good but my hubby needed it!)
- 2 Gilette cool shaving gel at 2 for $4.00
used 2 Gillette Fusion HydraGel, HydraCool or HydraSoothe, any $1/1 (3-31-09) P&G-2/8
Final cost Free!
- 1 suave shampoo $1.79
1 Suave conditioner $1.79
1 Suave Kids champoo $2.79
used $1.75/3 (5-24-09) RP-3/1
Final cost $ 2.57
- 1 First Aid cloth Tape at $1.79
used Johnson & Johnson First Aid Product, any excluding trial size $1/1 (5-31-09) SS1-2/8
Final Cost Free! (they adjust the coupon so that you dont make money)
- 1 Fist Aid water proof tape at $2.79
used Johnson & Johnson First Aid Product, any excluding trial size $1/1 (5-31-09) SS1-2/8
Final Cost $0.79
- 2 boxes Steri-pads at $1.79
used Johnson & Johnson First Aid Product, any excluding trial size $1/1 (5-31-09) SS1-2/8
Final Cost Free!
- 1 Pert plus Dandruf Shampoo at $3.49
used $1.00 off from here
Final Price $1.49
-1 Windex Wipes at $2.50
used $1.50 off from here
Final Cost Free!
-2 bags of M&Ms at $2.34 each
used $1/2 (4-12-09) RP-3/1
Final Cost $2.68

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Printable Coupons links

Here are a few printable coupon links you might want to check out! Remember you can usually print them 2 times per computer! These will be great to stock up on for this weeks Albertsons doubles on their current sale and at the kmart doubles! Some of these do not require any registration and some may. Remember to use your "junk" email address when signing up!

This is a great way to stock p on some high value coupons to use anytime or especialy when you can double them! Happy shopping!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kmart Double match ups

I read this great posting with some matchups that you could use on the upcoming Kmart double coupons sale. This will just give you an idea of some of the great deals you can get! Thanks to It's Hip to Save for these! Also here is another great resource of possible deals! Plus don't forget to use this coupon first (once your total is $50.00) to get an additional $5.00 off!

**Spend $10 on General Mills products below or ANY other General Mills products and get a $3 coupon to use like cash on your next transaction. Buy $20 get a $5 coupon. Buy $5 get a $1 coupon.
-Fiber One Bars $2
Use the .50 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost $1!Deal Scenario:Purchase 5 packages of bars for $10Use five .50 coupons (will be doubled to $1)Pay $5Get back a $3 coupon to use like cash on your next purchase
Final cost $2 for 5 boxes, just .40 each!
-Select General Mills Cereals $2
Use the $1/3 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost $1.34 per box!
-Double Mint gum and other varieties $1
Use the free coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost FREE!
-Trident gum (3 pks) 3/$7
Use the $2 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost FREE!
-Trident gum Xtra Care (single pk) $1.49
Use the .75 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost FREE!
-Nature's Source (26 oz.) Cleaners $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/1SS
Final cost .50!
-Clorox Bleach $1.67
Use the .75 coupon from the 1/25RP
Final cost .17!
-Fiber One Bars $2
Use the .50 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost $1!
-Select Hershey's & Reese's (9.2–12.6-oz.) packaged Chocolates $2.33
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/1SS
Final cost .33!
-Select Vaseline Lotion $2.99
Use the $1.25 coupon from the 3/1RP
Final cost .49!
-Herbal Essence $3.50
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/15 PG
Final cost $1.50!
-Aussie hair care products $3.50
Purchase 2 and use the $2 off 2 coupon from the 3/15PG
Final cost $1.50 each!
-Huggies & Pull Ups $10.99
Use the $1.50 & $2 coupons from the 2/22 or 3/1SS
Final cost as low as $6.99!
-Colgate Kids Toothpaste (select varieties)$1.99
Use .75 coupon from the 2/22SS
Final cost .49!
-Lysol wipes $2.50
Use $1 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost .50!
-Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.50
Use .75 off coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cosy $1!
-Lysol Disinfect Spray $3.99
Use the $2 coupon from the 2/1SS
Final cost FREE!
-Glade Candles $2.50
Use the $1.50 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost FREE!
-Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill (3 pk) 2/$5
Use the $2/2 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost .50 each!
-Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kit $5.99
Use the $4 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost $1.99!
-Swiffer Dust & Shine $3.49
Use the $1 coupon from the 2/8PG
Final cost $1.49!
-Right Guard Deodorant $2
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost $1 each!
-Renuzit Pearl Scents $2.79
Use the $1 coupon from the 2/22SS
Final cost .79!
-Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads $2.79
Use the $1.50 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost FREE!
-Formula 409 $2.79
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/1RP
Final cost .79!
-Pledge Multi-Surface products $3.50
Use the $1.25 coupon from the 2/22SS
Final cost $1!
-Ziploc Containers 2/$5
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost $1 each!
-Celestial Seasonings Tea $2
Use the .55 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost .90
-Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough $2.99
Use the $1 coupon from the 2/1RP
Final cost .99!
-Junior Maalox plus Chewable $4.49
Used $1.50 coupon from the 1/4 or 3/8SS
Final cost $1.49!
-Mean Green $2.99
Use $1.50 coupon from the 2/1SS
Final cost FREE!
-Wet Ones Wipes $2.29
Use .75 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost .79!
-KY Jelly $3.99
Use $2 coupon from 2/1, 12/7 & 10/26RP
Final cost FREE!
-Suave Body Wash and Haircare products $2.19
Or use $2/3 coupon from the 3/1 or 1/11RP
Final cost as low as .38 for 2!
-L'oreal eye shadows $4.29
Used $2 coupon from the 2/1RP
Final cost .29!
-Kotex 22ct Pantyliners $1.29
Use .75 coupon from the 2/22SS
Final cost FREE!
-2000 Flushes $2.99
Use $1 coupon from the 1/25SS
Final cost .99!
-Luden’s Cough Drops $1.29
Use $1 coupon from the 1/4 RP
Final cost FREE!
-Sobe Life Water $1
Use .50 handtags found on the products
Final cost FREE!
-Bayer Chewable Low Dose "baby" Aspirin (36 tablets) $1.99
Use $1 coupon from the 2/1RP
Final cost FREE
-Bayer low dose aspirin (32 tablets) $1.99
Use $1 coupon from the 2/1RP
Final cost FREE!
-Diego Band-Aids (and other select ones) $2.19
Use $1 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost .19!
-Oral-B Adult manual twin pack (select varieties)$3.69
Use $2 coupon from the 2/8PG
Final cost FREE!
-KY Warming Liquid 1 oz. $4.79
Use $2 coupon from the 10/26, 12/7 or 2/1RP
Final cost .79!
-Pledge Multi Surface Duster $2.79
Use $1.25 coupon from the 2/22SS
Final cost .29!
-Select Johnson’s and Johnson’s Gauze products $1.69-$2.79
Use $1 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost as low as FREE!
-Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Spray $3.19(Please note there are other Lysol Disinfectant Sprays that are way higher priced-the bathroom cleaner Lysol Disinfectant Spray is the least expensive in that product line)
Use $2 coupon from the 2/1SS
Final cost FREE!
-Spot Shot $4.19
Use $2 coupon from All You
Final cost .19!
-Gillette Shaving Cream $2.69
Use $1 coupon from the 2/8PG
Final cost .69!
-Quaker Rice Cakes $1.99
Use $1 coupon from the 1/18RP
Final cost FREE!
-Secret Flawless Touch $4.49
Use $2 coupon from the 2/22RP
Final cost .49!
-Nivea Lip Care $1.99
Use $1 coupon from the 2/8RP
Final cost FREE!
-Greased Lightening Cleaner $3.49
Use $1.50 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost .49!
-DeMets Sugar Free Turtles (3.2 Oz.) Bags $1.79
Use $1.50 coupon from the 11/16SS
Final cost FREE!
-Febreze Air Effects $3.19
Use $1 coupon from the 2/8PG
Final cost $1.19!
-Select Huggies Bath and Body products $1.99-$2.99
Use $1 coupon from the 1/11SS
Final cost as low as FREE to .99!
-Johnson's Buddies soap bars .99
Use the $1 coupon from the 1/4 or 3/8RP
Final cost FREE!

The last time they did this promotion I was able to get a lot of things for really good prices or free. The first time I went through they scanned all of the coupons at the end and then after check out I noticed it did not deduct them properly and had to go back to customer service, we discovered they over charged me $24.00! So even though I would love to use the $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase I don't trust the register to deduct every thing properly so now I ask them to scan each coupon after they scan the item. That way I know it is done right! Its up to you which way you want to do it!

Albertsons Sale March 18-22

I finally got away from my sick kids last night after my hubby got home and went to Albertsons to do some sale shopping! If you haven't checked out the current sale check out the list here.

From the Kelloggs promo (buy 10 get $10.00 off instantly) I bought the following items.

-4 boxes of Pop Tarts at $2.50 each

used 4- .55 off coupons from here (print it twice, I have 2 computers)

Final cost .95 each

The following items I did not have any coupons for (unfortunately) so they were all $1.50 at check out.

-3 boxes of Rice Crispies

-1 box Cheez-it crackers

-1 box Nutrigrain Bars

-1 box rice cripsie treats

From the Heinz promo ( save $3.00 when you buy $10.00 worth) I bought the following items.

- 4 boxes of Bagel Bites at $2.00 each

used 2 - $1.00 off 2 from here (print out 2)

final price $0.90 each

- 1 bottle of Heinz ketchup at $1.40 at check out

Grand total for my shopping trip $19.12

Money saved- $33.75 plus now I am up to $.20 off per gallon of gas!

Also at the Albertsons at 5-mile and Ustick they had a lot of Cover Girl makeup at the back of the store on clearance. Many of them would be about .99 after you use the $1.00 off coupon from the 2/8 PG or 3/1 PG.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

kmart double deals are back!

I am sooo excited that Kmart is having a double coupon week again! They did this back in Feb. and I was able to get sooo much stuff for dirt cheap or free! It was crazy! Here is the deal...they will start doubling coupons up to $2.00 starting on Sunday March 22 and it continues all week. You will need to go early because things go fast! If the things you are looking for are gone already then ask someone what days they are expecting a new shipment and check back! You can view the upcoming ad here so start saving and printing off your coupons..it will be a great shopping week! I will update more later, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Target Deals!

I found a posting on Fabulessly Frugal about some FREE deals at Target and I thought I would pass them on...happy shopping!

-GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs$1
Use $1/1 printable
Final Price FREE

-Pledge Furniture Wipes: Up to $3.00
Use $1/1 Target printable
Use $2/1 printable
Final Price FREE

-Gillette Body Wash (8.4 oz.) $2.00
Use $2/1 P&G 03/01/09
Final Price FREE

Albertsons Sale March 18-22

The Albertsons sales run Wed. thru Tues. so this sale starts tomorrow.. There is some great news for this sale......Double coupons again!!! The last time they did this in the regular weekly ad they did not have it by the front door, they had it behind the customer service desk. They are also having a sale on Kellogg brand. Buy 10 (mix & match) and get $10.00 off. If you combine that with double coupons you should be able to get some really good deals! To see the ad go here. To see the Albertsons Preview printable list go here. also I always check out the PYP forums for my state Idaho and also for Utah because people share deals they find or additional printable coupons. I like to check back every day to see if there any "developments". Also remember it never hurts to ask up at the customer service desk to see if they have any coupons! Good luck and I will post any good deals I get!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Freebies by Mail!

Here are some free gifts from different companies I have found from various sites. Remember when you are asked for your email address to use your "junk" email address to avoid clogging your main account with junk mail! If you dont have one yet you can get one through gmail or yahoo!

  • Get a FREE Bread Recipe booklet from Fleischmann's Yeast. Just go on over here and fill out the simple form. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
  • FREE Toby the Train coloring book- Go over here to get it. my son will love it!
  • You can now get a FREE Tote from V i X Swimwear! Just go here and sign up to become a V i X VIP. You'll receive a complimentary Tote and a 20% off coupon.
  • Free easybakeware!- Just sign up here for a free 7-day trial and choose 1 free gift. At check out choose the $1.00 shipping and pay only $1.00 for some bake ware! Plus after I checked out it said I could choose 1 more free gift. i had to pay another $1.00 for shipping but I got a bread pan and cup cake pan for only $2.00. I canceled via email a few days later to avoid any "membership fees" being taken out of my credit card!

I am sure I will find more as I search the web so check back often! Good luck and Enjoy!

Couponing basics- ethics questions

I just read a great post on hip2save about whether its ok to use 2 manufactures coupons on a buy 1 get 1 free sale. The answer is YES because the store gets paid the amount of the coupon plus 8 cents by the manufacturer so they are actually making money on the product that they would have been giving away for "free". This was a great post that I think everyone should read. Go here to read it yourself!

Walgreens Clearance Deals!

NEW Walgreens Clearance Finds:
-Vanity Fair Plates 16 ct. .95
Use the .50 coupon from the 1/25RP
Final cost .45!
-Vanity Fair Dinner Napkins 40 ct .75
Use the .50 coupon from the 1/25RP
Final cost .25!
-Bic Soleil 4pk cartridge 3.59
Use the $2 Walgreens EasySaver couponPlus the $2 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost FREE, plus a .41 moneymaker!(Thanks, Harvi!)
-Select Reach Toothbrushes .75
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from the 3/15SS
Final cost 2 for FREE!(Thanks, Harvi!)
-Natural Dentist Toothpaste $1.39The toothpaste may still be marked at $2.79, but I've heard that most of the toothpastes will ring up at $1.39.
Use the $2 coupon from here or here
Final cost FREE, plus a possible moneymaker!Please NOTE: This coupon will beep since the value of the coupon is higher then the value of the item. To be on the safe side you could instead purchase 2 toothpastes for a total of $2.78 and then use one $2 coupon. Your total would be .78 for 2. If there are 3 toothpastes left, then you could buy 3 for a total of $4.17, then use two $2 coupons and your total would ONLY be .17 for 3! Great deal!
Lots of frozen food on clearanceBe on the lookout for these items:
.25 Michelina's entrees
.25 2pk Deerfield Farms Corn Dogs
.50 6 pk Deerfield Farms Corn dogs
.25 Deerfield Pizza bites$1.29
Tombstone pizzas$1.09 Jack's Pizzas
.87 Healthy Choice
.87 Tyson Any'tizers
-Gorton's Breaded Shrimp $1.39
Use the .40 coupon from the 3/1SS or the $1/3 coupon from here
Final cost as low as .99!
-Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste .95
You use the $1 coupon or .75 coupon from the 2/8PG or 3/1PG
Plus get back a $1RRFinal cost FREE, plus a $1 moneymaker!
-Orbitz Gum.65
Combine with the .99/3 EasySaver couponRemember you ONLY have to buy 1 pack and it will still take off .33
Final cost only .32!
-Almay Smart Shade Liquid Makeup $3.49
Use the $3 EasySaver couponPlus use the $1 coupon from the 3/8SS
Final cost FREE, plus a .50 moneymaker!
-Select Banana Boat Sun Screen products $2.12-$2.74(some of their products are supposedly being discontinued)
Use the $2 EasySaver couponFinal cost as low as .12!

Thanks to Hip2Save for this list of deals!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Couponing Basics!

So I just started this blog with out really thinking what kind of order to do posts...I just started posting deals, I didn't think about people not know what I'm talking about or where to find things so I am going to try to share what I know and where I learn it!

First of all couponing can seem really over whelming at first so just take it slow and don't stress!

Get Organized!
I think one of the most important things when couponing is staying organized because the better organized you are the less work it is! When I got started I just bought a small accordion file and labeled it with the basic things like Dairy, breakfast, snack, canned food, dry goods, frozen foods, personal hygiene, and misc. This worked great for casual couponing but after a while I had to upgrade!

Next I went to a larger accordion file that could fit the whole coupon insert from the Sunday paper because as you will notice when you look at many deal listings is there is a coupon that will work in a sale it will say something like ( 2/8 SS, PG or RP) the first is the date of the insert and then second refers to which insert Smart Shopper (SS), Proctor & Gambles (PG) or Red Plum (RP). So I just though I would get the insert write the date on the front with marker and file it by date. This worked ok but then I found myself standing in the middle of the isle looking through inserts, then one day I dropped them and they went flying! (so much for having them sorted by date!) Also if I saw something and I wasn't sure if I had a coupon for it..... looking through a few months of inserts takes time! So finally I am giving in and becoming one of those crazy coupon ladies with a whole binder of coupons! Instead of writing the whole process that I learned from another blog I will just send you straight to it! A thrifty Mom is one of my fave blogs and I will refer to her and others quite frequently!

Where to get the Coupons??
So once you are all ready (and often before you are ready) you will have to start collecting coupons. I used to always just think you got your coupons from the Sunday paper, which is true...but I never knew there were so many more out there! So here are some great resources!
  • Sunday Papers (obviously) you can either just go buy them on Sunday or many stores carry them all week or get a subscription. I also have great family who give me there coupons! I live in Boise, ID and was at Albertsons the other day and there was a rep from our local paper, Idaho Stateman, and he was pitching a good deal, the whole week for $2.00 a week, the weekend for $1.50 or just Sunday for $1.00 a week. If you live closer to Canyon county A thrift Mom has worked with Idaho Press tribune to create a deal specific for couponers! " For only $13.80 a month (this is over half off the normal price) you will get 1 daily paper (Monday- Saturday) But on Sundays you will get 4 Sunday papers. These will be delivered to your home. The coupon inserts come in the Sunday paper, so you will get 4 coupon inserts. This is a coupon shoppers dream. If you want to upgrade to 6 Sunday papers it will be another $1.20 a week, that is only .60 cents a paper. " Go here to read all the details and to get the contact info.
  • Internet Coupons- I never knew there were so many coupons out on the internet! Many manufacturers have printable coupons directly from their sites, there are also web sites with coupons from multiple companies. On most couponing sites and blogs if there is a internet coupon available they will have a link attached with the deal. Many of these sites will ask you to register to receive the coupons, I don't have a problem doing this but it is a good idea to set up a "junk" email account to use while signing up you can do this easily through gmail, yahoo, or many other sites. Another thing to remember is most of these sites will limit how many times you print your coupons (usually twice) so if you need more than 2 you will have to use a different computer. Here are just a few sites I use I will add more later!

- Betty Crocker Coupons

- Pillsbury Coupons

- Smart Source Coupons

  • Store ads Many stores have instore coupon booklet like Walgreens and RiteAid, many stores have coupons in their ads like Fred Meyers, Albertsons, or even Kmart, and Target has internet coupons. So check out your local stores, many time the current add is located near the entrance.
  • Peelies Many times you can find a coupon right on the package. Sometimes you can use them at the time of purchase or on the next purchase
  • Ask around There are alot of people out there that do not coupon for whatever reason. Go ahead and ask if you can have any coupons they don't want. Also many stores (like Albertsons) are starting to keep the inserts from the papers that don't sell and are cutting them out to put with the product. I have found that if you make nice with people at the customer service counter they sometimes have them behind the counter!
  • Catalinas (Albertsons, K-mart, Fred meyer) or Register Rewards (Walgreens & Rite Aid) I never used to pay attention to the coupons that print out at the registers, I would just through it away with the receipt....that is like throwing away actually money! Many time these will print something out that says "save $1.00 (or more) on your next purchase" it doesnt matter what you are buying...its like having cash!

I will cover more topics later (right now my family is feeling neglected!) If you have any general or specific questions please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!


Great deals!

Hip to Save has some great deals postedright now and instead of me rewriting it all I thought I would just send you over to her blog...it's great you need to check it out!
  • Here are some great deals at Walmart.
  • Here are some great deals at Target.
  • Here are some great Rite Aid deals.

She also has some links to some printable coupons!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Albertsons 3-day Sale & Double coupons!!!

Thanks to A Thifty Mom for the heads up about the upcoming 3-day sale at Albertsons! Go here to see the deals.... 3 gallons of milk for $5.00!

Also I just read on Faulessly Frugal that in Sundays Idaho Statesman's Life section on pg 8 there are 3 "get twice the value for your manufacturer Coupon" coupons! So if you dont have a paper go get one and get those coupons! You can really save a lot of money when you can double your coupons! Just remember that these coupons are only good during the 3 day sale which ends Tues. night!

If you use the coupons mentioned on this site for the current Kraft buy $25 and get $10 off sale you will be able to get some very good deals!!

Albertsons for week 3/11 - 3/17

Ok this was not the best shopping trip..I spent $23.07 ....but I've been asked to post what I do so here goes!

This was using the deals that are in the current sales add which can be found by the door and some coupons I found at the Albertsons on Cole in Boise. They looked like they were from tear pads so if you ask at your store they may have them. The current promo is save $10.00 when you spend $25.00 on select products (this is before coupons). For a printable list of this weeks sales including the items included in the promo and links to printable coupons go here and here.

-6 boxes of crackers at 2 for $4.00

- I used 3- $1.00 off 2 coupons from tearpads

- 4 bricks of 2% kraft cheese (8 oz size) at 2 for $4.00

- I used 2- $1.00 off 2 coupons from tearpads

-I also got a $3.00 off next purchase catalina (must be the 2% cheese to get the catalina)

-1 box Oreos at 2 for $5.00 (I had my kids with me and needed $2.00 to get to $25.00)

-2 tubs of I Can't Believe its not Butter at $5.99

- I used $5.00 off when you buy 2 coupon from the Albertsons add

- 2 gallons of milk at 2 for $4.00

So I spent $23.07 but saved $40.19 and I now have $0.10 off gas!

Walgreens Clearance Deals!

I just got back from a great shopping trip to Walgreen's and have to share what I did! I was able to get all of this for $3.03 plus I got a register reward (the coupons that print out after check out) for $1.00 off my next purchase! This is how I did it!
  • 2 Walgreen's reusable shopping bags buy 1 at $0.99 get 1 for a penny
  • 2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste on clearance for $0.95 & I used 2- $1.00 off any Crest Toothpaste from the 2/18 P&G- Plus I got a $1.00 register reward which makes this a money maker!
  • 1 Arm & Hammer on clearance for $1.19 & I used a $1.00 off coupon from here.
  • 3 packs of Orbit gum buy 3 for $0.99 using the easy saver coupon book ( it is a small coupon book located by the front door).
  • 1 pack of tic-tacs on clearance for $0.50

Most of my purchases were on clearance or in the sale for this week so if you want any of this you better get going!!

Winco now accepting internet coupons!

So if you are on your way to Winco to get your free food don't forget to grab all your internet coupons! I have always shopped at Winco before I started serious couponing and still do go there to get certain items like produce or other bulk items I might need. I was always sad that they would not take my internet coupons, but now that has changed! Winco is now accepting these coupons! Thanks to Cathy at FabuLESSly Frugal, who called the Meridian Winco, who said that, " they do use some discretion with these". So go ahead and take your coupons in and be patient as some times it takes some time for new policies to trickle down to cashiers. If you are having any problems don't be afraid to ask for a manager!

Did you get your Winco flyer??

Have you checked your mail lately? Did you get a Winco flier, not look at it and throw it in the trash or recycling? If you did you better go dig it out or you will miss out on some free food! On one side the flier has some comparison shopping from local stores showing how much money you can save by shopping at Winco and the other side there are coupons for free eggs, bacon and English muffins! So go take the coupons to the store and make yourself a nice breakfast! You deserve it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Fever Cure!

If you are suffering from Spring Fever like me head on over to Winco & buy some Strawberries! I was so excited when I went to Winco yesterday and saw that they have strawberries for $1.98! I love strawberries and love home made strawberry jam they make me think of warm summer days! I used to think making jam at home would be a lot of work and time, but my sweet friend Tina showed me otherwise! I made 5 8oz jars of freezer jam in about 30 mins! This jam is not only cheaper then store brand, but tastes way better! So take a chance and make some yourself! Here is how I do it!

Shopping List
2 packs of strawberries at $1.98 each
1 package of Ball no cook pectin at $1.35
1 package of Ball freezer jars ( 5- 8oz jars) at $2.58

After you wash your strawberries and cut off the stems you can either use a potato masher to mash the strawberries or cut them. I like my jam to be chunky so I cut mine in 1/2 and then 1/4s and then slice them so they are about the size on a nickle. You should have about 4 cups when you are done.

-Once you have them cut up in another bowl you mix the pectin with about 1 1/2 Cups sugar (this is not a lot of sugar compared to some recipes so you really get the flavor of the strawberries)
-Then you mix the strawberries with the pectin / sugar mixture. You stir well for about 3 min. I am not to careful about squishing the strawberries this way the juices will come out!
- Now just ladle the jam into jars, let sit for about 1/2 hour then freeze!
Its that easy and so yummy! We love to eat my jam on bagels with creme cheese, on pancakes or even as an ice cream sunday topping! So go give this a try and that way you and your family can enjoy the "fruits of your labor"!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I almost forgot....more deals!

Grocery Outlet
If you don't shop at Grocery Outlet you should go sometime! I used to go when I was in the area but they have started to carry bread...good bread! Now I go about every month to stock up on bread and other things! Here are just a few of the deals I have been finding every time (some of their deals are when they are gone they are gone like this one)
  • Sara lee Bread 2 lb loaves for $.99 each
  • Classic Bread (wheat, white, potatoe, black, even Cinna burst) from $1.39 - $2.39! (good deal!)
  • Downy fabric Softner 32oz for $1.99 (I can't find how many loads it does but it is concentrated and lasts awhile)

Albertsons tip!

If you are going to go do some shopping for this weeks Albertsons deals ( find out about them here) and you live in Boise area you might want to go to the one at Cole and Fairview. I was there and up at the customer service desk at the end by the video room there is a box full of coupons. I was able to get a coupon for $1.00 off when you buy 2 Kraft chunk chees and one for $1.00 off when you buy 2 boxes of crackers. I grabbed a few of each. This will help you get bang for the $$!

$1 off Teriyaki Bowl from Jack in the Box

Thanks to Rod for sending me this link for $1.00 off any teriyaki bowl from Jack in the Box!

Albertsons deals for March 11-17

I never used to shop at Albertsons because honestly I thought they were to expensive but since I was introduced to Pinching your Pennies I am an Albertsons fan! Every Wednseday Albertsons comes out with new sales, if you do your homework that sale combined with coupons will make for some really good deals! I bought everything in the above picture for $12.16! if you want to learn about some of the deals go here, here, and of coarse PYP. I love these sites!

They have a promo going when you buy $25 worth of Kraft products you get $10 off so I bought

  • 4 kraft chunck cheese at 2 for $4

  • 2 boxes of Capri Sun at 2 for $4

  • 2 Jello Pudding snacks at 2 for $6 and used 2 of this coupon or the one from the 3/1 smart shopper (SS) coupon insert.

  • 2 Kraft bagelful bagels at 2 for $6 and used 2 of this coupon

  • 1 taco bell salsa at 2 for $3 (to get to the $25)

  • 2 Lays chips Buy 1 get 1 free at $3.99 (this was not part of the Kraft promo)

  • I also had a catalina coupon (these are the coupons that print out at check out) from the last weeks sale for $5 off my next purchase

Total out of pocket $12.16

Total saved $39.58 plus this amount goes towards my gas discount! You can get up to $1.50 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons! Not a bad deal!

$3.00 kids clothes!

I was at Grocery Outlet yesterday and found this great deal! They have childrens clothes for $3.00! I was able to get both of my boys 2 pairs of shorts and a cute skirt with the built in shorts for my daughter. Thie girls were pretty picked through but the boys shorts still had a lot...from 18 mo. to 14! They also had mens jeans, slacks, and womens tennis shoes for $5.00! If you want to take advantage of this deal you better act fast!

Free Arby's Roast Burger!

You can get a FREE Roast burger at Arby's with any drink purchase! Just print this coupon and go treat yourself to a delicious roast burger. I had one the other day....MMM...."I'm thinking Arby's" The other great part is there is not a limit for how many you can print!