Thursday, March 12, 2009

Albertsons deals for March 11-17

I never used to shop at Albertsons because honestly I thought they were to expensive but since I was introduced to Pinching your Pennies I am an Albertsons fan! Every Wednseday Albertsons comes out with new sales, if you do your homework that sale combined with coupons will make for some really good deals! I bought everything in the above picture for $12.16! if you want to learn about some of the deals go here, here, and of coarse PYP. I love these sites!

They have a promo going when you buy $25 worth of Kraft products you get $10 off so I bought

  • 4 kraft chunck cheese at 2 for $4

  • 2 boxes of Capri Sun at 2 for $4

  • 2 Jello Pudding snacks at 2 for $6 and used 2 of this coupon or the one from the 3/1 smart shopper (SS) coupon insert.

  • 2 Kraft bagelful bagels at 2 for $6 and used 2 of this coupon

  • 1 taco bell salsa at 2 for $3 (to get to the $25)

  • 2 Lays chips Buy 1 get 1 free at $3.99 (this was not part of the Kraft promo)

  • I also had a catalina coupon (these are the coupons that print out at check out) from the last weeks sale for $5 off my next purchase

Total out of pocket $12.16

Total saved $39.58 plus this amount goes towards my gas discount! You can get up to $1.50 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons! Not a bad deal!


  1. Um, can I go shopping with you? You are amazing!

  2. I am just learning! But I am happy to answere any questions and help you out!

  3. Could you please post anytime you do this at Albertson's?....pretty please! I'll just let you do all the work and I'll be the copycat!

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Okay, I just went and tried the shopping the ads thing at Albertsons...I spent $48.78. Here was my mistake, if a coupon said limit of two, I bought two, but didn't scan my coupon twice...I just figured the machine would apply it twice. I could kick myself!! I would have saved $5.21 more...They did tell me total saved, was $48.11, so basically half off. Not bad.

  5. Now I need to go to Winco for my free eggs, bacon and english muffins. Did you get those coupons in the mail?