Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winco now accepting internet coupons!

So if you are on your way to Winco to get your free food don't forget to grab all your internet coupons! I have always shopped at Winco before I started serious couponing and still do go there to get certain items like produce or other bulk items I might need. I was always sad that they would not take my internet coupons, but now that has changed! Winco is now accepting these coupons! Thanks to Cathy at FabuLESSly Frugal, who called the Meridian Winco, who said that, " they do use some discretion with these". So go ahead and take your coupons in and be patient as some times it takes some time for new policies to trickle down to cashiers. If you are having any problems don't be afraid to ask for a manager!


  1. I'm a total newbie to internet couponing. Where do you get them?

  2. Really? I'll have to try it next time. Last time they said they don't accept them. I guess I'll have to be more brave! :)

  3. It can take some time to get through to everyone! They also said they will except them "with discretion" (whatever that means) You can always very nicely ask to speak to the manager.