Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I know that Mondays are supposed to be Family night, but for our family we do it on Tuesdays! Why? There are lots of fun family deals around town on Tuesdays! I thought I would list just a few that we like to use!
  • McDonald's- Kids night! Every Tuesday McDonald's has kids night from 5-7 pm. During this time you can buy happy meals for 1/2 price! There is a limit of 4 but we only have 3 kids and then I usually get one too and send the extra toy to school for the prize box! My kids love it! Sometimes we will go in to the play area, but I am feel like it is a germ zone, so if the weather is nice we like to go to a park! We have even brought them home and had a picnic at home.
  • Sonic -This is great one for grown ups! Sonic has "happy hour" on Tuesday after 5:00pm all hamburgers are 1/2 off. so go ahead and treat yourself! We have even gotten the kids Mcd's and then gone to Sonic for our own dinner!
  • Pizza Hut- Every Tuesday night Pizza Hut has a themed family night where they will do a fun activity and for every Large pizza you buy you can get 2 one topping personal pan pizzas for the kids! Last time we went we actually got one of the pastas instead of pizza and they still gave us the free personal pizzas.
  • Overland Park Theaters- (in Boise) This theater has special meaning to me and my hubby....this is where we met! They specialize in family movies at an affordable price. Their prices are great any day but on Tuesdays admission is only $1 and many of the concession items are $1 as well. My kids get so excited when they know we are going to OPC because they get to pick their own treats! (we hardly ever take them to a first run theater let alone buy anything if we go) To check out the OPC show times look here.
  • Baskin Robbins- At Baskin Robbins from 6:00 - 10:00 pm you can get a single scoop of your favorite 31 flavor for only $1! Now that is a sweet deal!

These are just a few of the great deals we like to use on Tuesdays! We can have dinner, movie and ice cream afterwards for very little money! I know that times are tough for a lot of people but sometimes it is good to just have a fun night! There are lots of other restaurants that have kids night so don't be afraid to ask...you may just save some money

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