Monday, March 30, 2009

Walgreens Deals for 3/29 to 4/4

Paid $16.39
This was a very frustrating day at Walgreens!! My first trip was fine but my 2nd store was all messed up! The register would not print out my RR so then we voided it and tried doing it in very small transactions and then I still did not get my RR for more Soft Soap or the Chapstick. I did not notice because my 3 yr old was running out the door! Ahhh! That is why I do not like taking my kids shopping when I am couponing! There is too much to pay attention to! ....but what are you going to do! It was so confusing and messed up I can't tell you what I did but I will tell you the different deals. you just have to put them in different transactions so that you are not using the same RR as the product you got it from. Just mix it around so that it works for you!
  • 1- Edge Shaving cream (or you could get Skintimate shave gel) at 2.99, it will print off a $2.00 RR!
  • 2 Mentos gum at 2 for $2 using 2 Mentos Gum, any flavor $1/1 (4-30-09) SS-3/1 get them FREE!
  • 2 boxes of life Cereal using this $1/1 printable coupon get $3.00 RR! or you can print it from the coupon bar on the right of the screen!
  • Buy Chapstick 100% Natural or True Shimmer $1.99Pay $1.99 + taxGet back a $2RR!
  • Buy Listerine Mouth wash at 2 for $11.00 use 2 Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, any 500 mL or larger $2/1 (4-25-09) RP-2/8 Pay $7.00 & Get $5.50 RR!
  • Purchase Softsoap Body Wash for $3.99 get a Coupon for a FREE Softsoap Bodywash you could use this deal with the $0.75/1 from yesterdays paper (3/29) and then just roll it into another body wash!

Those were the deals I was trying to work in with the Easter pencils that are 5/$1.00 in this weeks ad (great for easter baskets) I hope you have better luck when you try it. I was at the Walgreens at 5mile & Overland when they were having problems (other people were having similar problems) If you do take advantage of these deals (the soft soap & chapstick) please be considerate of others and DO NOT HOARD! (someone had already cleared out the 5mile & Ustick store by 10:30 this morning!)


  1. Nice job on all these buys. I'm trying, but I don't know if I like all this store hopping. It takes a lot of time. I am digging the catalina's, promos and coupon combining at Albies.

  2. I actually try not to do to many stores, today was kindof a rarity, I just happen to be going to my moms so I thought I would stop to see if they had what was cleaned out at the one by my house! Don't feel like you have to hit every sale at every store! Just pick and choose the ones that work for you and your life!