Friday, April 3, 2009

50% off one item coupon for Old Navy!

So I have known about this site for a while but it was such a mess that I did not want to do a post about it until they got their act together. Well, I am happy to say that it looks like its all working now so here is the 411 on this fun site! Old Navy has started a new site called Old Navy Weekly where they feature new weekly deals, the fun part is that they have printable coupons that you have to search the site for! Here is a list of the coupons they have left and where to find them! Thanks to Hip to Save for all the great tips! Once you find the item click on it and a "sticker" will pop out and ask if you want to keep the coupon (or something) click yes then go to the upper right corner and click make coupon and you can either print it or email it!
  • 50% off one single item: Rate all the modelquins at the bottom of the page and wait for a red/orange kite to fly across the center frame! It takes about 30-45 seconds! Click on the kite (if you don't get it the first time reload the page and do it all again)
  • 40% off a single item: Click on the items on the grille in the right frame
  • 20% off a single item: Click on the boys frisbee

Next week they are supposedly bringing back the $75.00 off of a $100.00 purchase coupon! This is the one that crashed the site last time! If you want to read all about the site and all the past problems check out the posts on Hip to Save!

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