Thursday, May 7, 2009

My favorite things at Grocery Outlet!

Sometimes you don't have to have a coupon to get a good deal! I go to Grocery Outlet about every other week when I am close by doing one of my jobs and here are just a few of the deals that I go for!

Sarah Lee Healthy & delicious 100% Whole Wheat Bread- $0.99 each

This is the kind of bread I like to feed my family and at this price its even better!

Classic Bread- Black Bread at $1.39 each

My mother-in-law loves this bread so I always try to pick some up for her while I am there, it is much cheaper then picking it up at Albertsons!

Downey Fabric Softner at $1.99 each
These are in spanish, and well I don't speak (or read) spanish so I am not sure how much is in here, but it seems to last awhile and I love the smell so I get some when they have it!

What do you get from Grocery Outlet or other "non-couponing" stores? We would love to share your deals! Just email them to

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