Monday, May 18, 2009

Did you get your Tulle???

I am so bummed and excited at the same time! My sister in law, Liz, just called to tell me that she just got her shipment of great deals from the Tulle sale!! I am so excited because I thought these were supposed to take a while to be shipped so I wasn't expecting them to come until June! I'm bummed because I thought they were coming in June so I had it sent to the house I am moving into, not the house I am in. There could be a box of super cute clothes just waiting for me at an empty house! What to do!! The other awesome thing is that Liz was sent an extra top from Tulle as an apology for the long wait!! have you got your Tulle?? Tell us what you think of your stuff! We would love to share! Either leave a comment or if you want to send a pic just email us at

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