Saturday, May 9, 2009

FREE Tulip & Daffodil Bulbs!!

Have you ever gone past the Boise LDS Temple in the Spring and thought to yourself, " What do they do with all those tulips and daffodil bulbs when they are done?" Well here is your answer! They let people take them for FREE! Monday morning at 6:00 am all 37,000 bulbs will be up for grabs for anyone to take!
We got some last year and I was so excited when I saw them coming up this year! They were beautiful!! When we got them last year they still had good flowers on them so we brought them home and planted them to enjoy! If you don't want to plant them this year you can just store them in your garage or shed until the Fall to plant!
So remember Monday morning, May 11 from 6:00 am on you can go get some bulbs, just please remember not to hoard (leave some for the rest of us) and also please remember to be courteous as this is a place of worship!
Thanks Discount Queens for the heads up!
*** Update!! I just talked to my Dad who works at the Temple and he said they are were talking about holding off on the Tulips because they are all looking so beautiful! But you may still be able to get Daffodils!
Anna- Last year we did not go first thing it was later in the day and got plenty!


    Tim has to be to work by 7 Monday morning, and he goes right by the Temple!! Sweet! We'll have flowers for our new house!! :D

  2. I wished I lived in Boise now! That is way cool. Do you know if the other Temples do that to?

  3. Anna Beal----How necessary is it to show up at 6?? :) I really really want to go get some, but I'm going to have to drag my kidddos I was wondering if I might still have a chance at some around 7:30.