Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is anyone else having a problem??

I have to vent for a second here. I am so frustrated with my Albertsons Preferred card, it does not seem to be accruing my gas discount! Plus have they changed their policy regarding how it accrues? It used to be that it was based off of your before discounts and coupons which was great, but now if looks like it is based off of how much out of pocket! Is it just me and my card? What is going on with yours? I would love to know because the lady I talked to on the 1-800 # didn't know anything! HELP!!!


  1. I haven't noticed a change, but then again I never monitored that very closely. It was just a nice side benefit.

  2. I think I have solved the code. It is based off of your subtotal = manufactured coupons. It used to be different and the gas savings added up much faster! I guess we can't complain too much though. At least they are still counting the value of the manufacturer coupons.

  3. I have noticed that if you use your phone number it doesn't count your gas, but if you swipe the card, it does. I don't know about the before/after discount thing. I'll pay attention to it today.