Wednesday, July 22, 2009

80% Off at

This site works with many local restaurants as a way to advertise. Once you go to you can search by zip code and see a list of participating restaurants in your area, you will also see a selection of gift certificate prices ranging from $10 to $100. A $25 gift card is regularly priced at $10 (so 80% off means you'll pay only $2) The only catch is that there is a minimum purchase amount: clearly listed under the gift card prices. Usually it is a $35.00 minimum purchase and they also add in an automatic 18% gratuity. (read the small print before you buy)This is a great way to go out on an affordable date! So go here and remember to use the promo code"NAPKIN" at checkout!
If you are looking for some ideas here is where I like!
  • Donnie macs- fun for the whole family!
  • Cheerleaders- we get a $10 cert. make a cheap lunch date!
  • Asiago's- Yummy food, nice romantic dinner for 2!
  • Carino's Italian Grill- This is new and I am so excited about it! I love this place!


  1. I purchased a few of these last month and we used our first one last weekend at Donnie Mac's with the family. It was really fun and nice to be able to go out and not spend a fortune! Alynn I have a question: Can you use a coupon more than once a month? I thought it said something on my gift certificate about only using it once a month - is that per restaurant?
    Also, on the Carino's one it says that it excludes the Monday night and Tuesday night family deals.

  2. Thanks Kristi! I have not gotten the Carinos one yet, i just noticed it was on the list! Bummer you can't use it on Mon or Tues! I have used more then 1 cert in a month at different restaurants so maybe it is per restaurant? Does anyone know?