Friday, August 21, 2009

Albertsons 3 day sale

Albertsons has a 3 day sale running Friday - Sunday here are some of the great deals you can find! I know I am going to go stock up on some water!
Arrowhead Water 6 pack $.87
$1.00/2 – Arrowhead water, 6, 8 or 12 packs
Final Price: $.37 each !!
Sunny D 64 oz $.99
Powerade 32 oz $.77
Nissin Cup of Noodles $.39
Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna $.49 (Limit 6)


  1. ok, i am not a couponer, but i thought i should at least give it a try. So, i tried those arrowhead water coupons, and they wouldn't work. the cashier said that they have been having problems with those, something about the computer not recognizing them or something. This is why i hate coupons! It is such a hassel, and never seems to work out!! Frustrating! do you have any tips? oh, and of course, they don't have many of the sale items in stock... for example, they were comletely out of tuna! i swear, every time i go to albies to buy a sale item, they are completely out! so much for people not clearing the shelves! (ok, i am done venting now...)

  2. wow Kimberly I am so sorry that you had this problem! I have not gone to do the Albertsons sale yet but was goin soon so I will let you know if I have the same problem. As far as them being out of product every store is different, some managers realize that there will be a rush of crazy ladies and order accordingly, I like the store at 5-mile and Ustick even though it is not closest to me (I probably should not have said that)I hope that you will continue to try! Better luck next time!